Can You Really Take QR Codes Too Far?

A can't say that there's no humor in market research!

Over at Research Access, Dana Stanley contributes his artwork as a statement on taking QR codes entirely too far --

I'm not sure if he's altogether off base with this.  QR codes have been on again and off again in terms of popularity.  Most of the problem lies with people not really knowing how to use them.

Here are a few selected articles that you can explore to see creative ways to use QR codes

Mobile QR Codes: Check out this insane guy who put a QR code on his cow

Creating an impact: This company used a giant Microsoft tag to attract and grab trade show visitors

50 QR code examples: Not sure what to do with your QR codes - try any of these 50 QR code examples.

Hospitals: Even hospitals use QR codes!  My favorite examples is Hershey Medical center where they use QR codes to download maps for the hospital - YES!

So don't forget about using QR codes this is the ideal time to start planning how you will use QR codes in your business and with your market research.