Top Six Products Hardest For Market Researchers

When these companies bring market research firms their business, market researchers secretly cringe inside. Inception Market Intelligence  (IMI Group) just released the top 5 products that are hardest to do market research focus groups. However, things are about to change with new tools that allow market researchers to eavesdrop on Internet conversations. IMI Group has introduced Pulse48 Reports which harvests public Internet conversations including Facebook and Twitter .

#6 Wart Creams – Unless you can get a room full of wart face witches and warlocks, people are apt to not talk freely about an embarrassing condition associated with herpes (in whatever form).
#5 Kids Toys – Kids in group settings with strangers are either shy or wild packs on the lose. Researchers trying to glean information from a room full of kids are really babysitters who pay parents for their time outs. Controlling kids for a controlled study is an oxymoron in itself.
#4 Hair Loss – Bad wigs and toupees are there for a reason. It allows people to live in denial that they are losing their hair. Recruiting participants are next to impossible no matter how much money you offer them. People (especially men) clam up during discussions about going bald.
#3 Pet Food – It’s not that you cannot get a discussion going with a room full of pet lovers about pet food. It’s that some animals eat just about anything. With the exception of finicky cats, most animals are just happy they are getting food. Animal lovers feel their communication level is enough with their furry or feathery love ones to tell marketers what’s best but research has proven otherwise.
#2 Hemorrhoid Ointments – If you have them can you really sit through a focus group comfortably? Things dealing with sensitive matters tend to be even difficult to discuss with your doctor let alone a room full of strangers.
#1 Adult Diapers – Let’s face it. As we grow older and our bodies start to change incontinence can be an issue for some of us. Who wants to talk to a room full of strangers about bowel movements or bladder control? This is the number one product most people buy in the town next to them or online.<div>
However, brand managers can now do the impossible. Technology that will read the entire public English language internet on a brand or pet products and come back with a collective public opinion has come on the global market.
</div><div><strong>About the Author:</strong> Robert Greene, from his 10 years sales and marketing experience, has authored many white papers and articles in the areas of green marketing, sales, customer service, and business development. After working in the green energy and not for profit sector, he is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Inception Market Intelligence.  You can reach him at <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank">[email protected]</a></div>