Market Research Firms Should Not Fear "Online Brand Audit Reports"

I have three (3) points I’d like to make and open for discussion. I believe there is a place for both Online Brand Audit Reports ( OBARS – like Pulse48) and Qualitative Research. In fact we have several market research firms that have come on-board but for reasons you may not of thought.

There is a place for qualitative research.

There will always be a place for qualitative research but what about “checks and balances”?. Is the qualitative research from your focus group resonating with the world at large? The internet is key to answering that question with OBARS.

Recently, we presented a convincing presentation to a market research firm that using OBARS can see if a focus group is “in tune” with their qualitative research.

Point #2
A second application of OBARS for market research firms is to use them for question/topic criteria. One of the benefits of OBARS are they can dig down to a sentiment or source to get an understanding. So, we are recommending to do an OBAR pull to help get “additional” insights for your qualitative research (remember “thinking outside the box???). Don't assume you or your clients know all the questions. OBARS may help you think of new ones?

Point #3

OBARS will open new markets for Market Research Firms. Qualitative Research is sometimes financially out of reach for small business clients. OBARS can be a tool to give great and effective research for less cost. It might even be a tool to upsell.

So, in conclusion, look at technology from a wider angle and it may benefit you not harm.

About the Author: Robert Greene, from his 10 years sales and marketing experience, has authored many white papers and articles in the areas of green marketing, sales, customer service, and business development. After working in the green energy and not for profit sector, he is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Inception Market Intelligence.  You can reach him at [email protected]