Corengi Turns QuestionPro Info Into Matching Database

We're always talking about the many ways that you can use QuestionPro to listen to your customers.  And today, we're going to show you a real life example of a company that used QuestionPro as a way to not only listen to their target market, but then used the feedback to develop an application that brings researchers and their subjects closer together, faster.

Diabetes Patients Can Now Get Matched to Clinical Trials

Because Type 2 diabetes has been on the rise, there has been a lot of work going on in finding treatments.  However, matching patients with clinical trials is more challenging than you might imagine.

There are more than 400 clinical trials going on at any time and any patient as actually only qualify for less than 10% of them.  Corengi has a simple medical questionnaire that allows participants to eliminate some of the trials and focus on those that might be appropriate.  (For example, if, for a specific trial, it’s required that a patient is on insulin – and the patient isn’t – it hides this trial from the match results.)   Corengi includes a comprehensive set of trial data updated on a daily basis from federal sources such as

Ryan Luce, the founder of Coregni used QuestionPro surveys to collect feedback from over 350 diabetes patients about their experiences, attitudes, and knowledge regarding clinical trials.   His analysis of the responses made it easier for him to create a higher-value application that cut through the clutter and made the clinical trial process faster and easier for both the patients and the clinicians.

Check out the application at