Webinar Follow-Up: DIY Marketing Research Trends

With market planning season upon us, we decided to talk about the whole DIY Marketing Research Trend and what tools and opportunities were available for both research practitioners as well as small businesses.

Quick Trend Summary

  1. Tracking social media chatter - it's just another way of saying - search social media streams for mentions of your company or brand and start analyzing the open ended comments that people are writing about them.

  2. Share survey's on social networks.  This is still a burgeoning trend and people are still trying to figure out how to work with it.  Make sure that your survey is broad enough and relevant enough for the network that you're posting it to.

  3. Analyze Social Media Chatter:  Survey Analytics and QuestionPro have wonderful tools that you can use to analyze those tedious open ended comments.

  4. Using quick engagement polls.  This is part of a larger trend to reduce the overall length and complexity of surveys.  Tools like Micropoll create an attractive, FREE and easy to use way to get feedback.

  5. Crowdsourcing.  If you've been a fan of American Idol or Digg, then you know all about the power of using crowds to sift through information.  IdeaScale is our tool that makes crowd sourcing a breeze.

  6. Going mobile is a trend that shouldn't surprise anyone with a mobile device.  Converting your survey into a mobile app or format might actually improve your response rate because your respondents can actually fit your survey into their downtime.

Finally we ended our trends with opportunities for practitioners to educate DIY researchers on how to get the best results with the tools that are available.

Questions and Answers

We also had a very active Q&A session.  Here are just a few questions and short answers:

Where can you get great respondents? You can purchase panels from resources such as Peanut Labs.  If you don't have the budget for that you can actually create your own list fro your social media communities.

Who are DIY practitioners in companies? Your best bet is to connect with marketing managers, sales and customer service managers and of course the business owner.

You can download the slides from the presentation here: [slideshare id=5326623&doc=6diyresearchtrendsfinalv-1-100930142047-phpapp01]