Tungle Has an Innovative Way to Combine Vision with Customer Feedback

Have you used Tungle to schedule a meeting yet?  If not -- boy are you missing something.  Tungle is one of those amazingly, obviously, desperately needed applications that you wished that you had invented.

Tungle is a meeting scheduler.  If you've ever tried to coordinate a meeting between yourself and at least one other person, Tungle will make it a breeze and reduce the number of back and forth emails that it takes to identify a mutually agreed upon date and time.

Tungle REALLY Listened to it's Users

Tungle had a great idea - but they had an even better vision, one that combined their vision with the combined vision of their customer.  It's called the Calendar of the Future.

Notice that they are using a crowd sourcing feedback tool to grab ideas as they crop up for their audience while they are reading.

It's not about using the tool - it's about fueling the tool.  It's Tungle's powerful vision for what's possible in the world of "getting people together" that makes giving and sharing information within the community so exciting.

What We Can Learn

It isn't about the method with which you collect the information -- that's just the vehicle.  It's about WHY you want to know and what you're going to create.  If your vision for the future is exciting enough and makes life easier for your market - they will participate with enthusiasm.  Hopefully, you'll be listening.