Feature Enhancements: Tag Clouds

We just completed adding to Survey Analytics - Tag Clouds - for visualizing open-ended text data. In any survey you run, you probably collect open-ended or "Comment" data. The Tag Cloud feature gives you a one-click way to analyze this data.

What is a Tag Cloud?

A tag cloud or word cloud (or weighted list in visual design) is a visual depiction of user-generated tags, or simply the word content of a site, typically used to describe the content of web sites. Tags are usually single words and are normally listed alphabetically, and the importance of a tag is shown with font size or color. Thus, it is possible to find a tag alphabetically and by popularity.
Where can I access Tag Cloud?

Go To:

  • Login » Surveys » Analytics » Text Analytics » Tag Cloud

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Tag Clouds are available for which question types?

Tag Cloud is available only for Open Ended Text Comment Box type questions. Please add an Open Ended Comment Box type question to your survey (See help below). You can have multiple Open Ended Text Comment Box type questions in your survey. You can select the questions from the Options drop menu.
I don't want all words to show up in the Tag Cloud.

You can add words to Stop Word. When you add words to Stop Word, these words will not show up in the Tag Cloud.

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