Review of Webinar: Innovative Technologies for Fall 2010

On Wednesday August 18th, 2010, SurveyAnalytics participated in a free webinar hosted by Peanut Labs featuring panelists: John Dick, Chief Executive Officer of CivicScience; Esther Rmah LaVielle, Chief Education Director SurveyAnalytics; and Dean Wiltse, Founder & CEO of Thumbspeak.

In this webinar we presented:
- A new method of attitudinal research that captures opinions from broad segments of the consumer population
- How to use conjoint analysis in the innovation process
- Solutions to the challenges of conducting market research via the mobile phone.

If you missed the opportunity to join us that day but are still interested in discovering new technology that will heavily influence the future of research, please click on the links below to review the recording, slides, and review from Peanut Labs:

Click here for Slides

Download Audio here

Webinar Review from Peanut Labs