Max Diff Scaling – New Question Type and Analytical Module

How many times have you run a matrix/likert scale question that results in a data-set where you cannot _really_ differentiate between what is "important" and what is "really important" - where everything is between 4.2 and 4.8 (on a 5pt scale) - Max Diff solves this problem.

How does Max Diff Work?
Maximum Difference Scaling is a very effective method of establishing the relative priority attached by an audience to a large set of items (up to 30). These items might be:

  • Features or benefits of a service

  • Areas for potential investment of resources

  • Interests and activities

  • Potential marketing messages for a new product

  • Products or Services used

Users are asked to choose their "BEST" and "Worst" options. Utility estimates are then calculated on the Logit model to determine share of preference. This method forces users to pick their best and worst choices - so there is a tradeoff.


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