How to Use Conjoint Analysis in the Innovation Process

Webinar Presentation
Thursday August 26th, 2010
9:00am PST

Ever thought about using Conjoint Analysis as part of your research strategy?

Your customers are constantly making trade-offs when making purchase decisions between you and your competitors. Traditional research questions, such as ranking features and asking pricing sensitivity questions are valuable tools, but often leave you wondering which features are really important and how you should price vs. real competition. So how can you simulate a real-world purchase decision before you go to market?

Conjoint Analysis is a powerful and often under-utilized marketing research tool that can provide powerful insight into how your customers actually think. The resulting information can be used to prioritize features, develop pricing strategies, and estimate market share… all before you develop your product or spend valuable marketing dollars.

Join Survey Analytics and Planning Innovations for this one-hour webinar on how to effectively use Conjoint Analysis in the innovation process to prioritize needs, explore pricing options, and validate your product and service concepts.

We’ll answer:

1) What is Conjoint Analysis and how does it work to simulate real world trade-off decisions?

2) How can you develop Conjoint Studies that provide guidance in innovation planning?

3) How can Conjoint Studies help you predict potential market share for new product concepts?

This webinar will answer these questions and more as well as provide a forum to discuss specific challenges.

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About the Presenters:

Dorian Simpson founded Planning Innovations in 2002 to help technology-driven companies launch successful products and services through focused innovation management and planning. He has significant experience in both engineering and marketing to help build the bridge between these two critical innovation functions.

Esther LaVielle is a Senior Account Manager at QuestionPro and Survey Analytics, which was started in 2002 in Seattle and is now one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. Prior to her adventure at QuestionPro she spent 3 years as a Qualitative Project Manager at the Gilmore Research Group.