Getting Attention: A Whole New Way to Interact With Your Market

I bet you didn't know this guy's name is Matt Lesko.  You probably know him as "that annoying, screaming, question mark suite wearing guy" -- yeah -- THAT GUY.  He's made millions being bold and annoying and he didn't spend millions to do it.

I was recently a presenter at a conference where I heard Jim Kukral, the author of "Attention! This book will make you money.  How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue".   If you're working for a large corporation -- you need to pay attention to this.  If you're a small business struggling to get more business -- you need to pay attention to this.  If you've seen or heard anyone on the news or online and wondered why it is that THIS DOOFUS is getting more attention and making more money and stealing market share that should be rightfully yours.  YOU need to pay attention to this.

Kukral is talking about a dangerous combination; cheap accessible technology, good ideas, and people with enough guts and no sense of ego who are willing to do what you won't to get attention and make money.

Market Research Needs to Pay Attention to This

For as long as I've been working and longer -- market research was how "respectable" businesses found new trends and figured out how to grab that valuable market share point.  This is still the case - but I want to warn corporations and timid businesses that doing research the same old way just takes entirely too long.

Your competition is getting bold and creative.  And they no longer use the kind of money and time that has kept corporations insulated and safe from the little guy.

Your market research will have to get bold and focused on identifying what YOU do well and what's missing in the market.

Do you have experience with research that has inspired bold attention-getting people or products?  Take a look at the presentation below and leave your thoughts.

[slideshare id=4466812&doc=jimkukralattentionoms10-100610124558-phpapp01]


  1. Thanks for the mention and I'm glad you enjoyed the presentation! Now go do it! :)


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