Annoucement: University Site License now available on QuestionPro

QuestionPro is now launching a university-wide and a department-wide site licensing model for QuestionPro Survey/Research Software.

The University Site License allows every faculty member and student access to the QuestionPro Corporate Edition.
How It Works

  • The Site Licenses is issued to a university assigned email domain (Eg.

  • When students/faculty signup with the university assigned email address, they automatically get the upgrade to the Corporate License for free

  • Site License can be purchased at the department level ( or university wide access (

Google Apps Education Edition

  • If your university has a Google Apps Edu - Ask about the Google Apps Discount!

Next Steps?

  • Please contact Aditya Bhat - aditya.bhat [at] questionpro [dot] com for more information

More information on the QuestionPro OpenAccess Site License:


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