What Market Research Trends Scare You or Excite You?

I know - I know - it's hard to start thinking about the planning cycle for 2011 during these summer days.  But summers aren't lazy anymore since we can't stay away from our mobile and computer screens, so we shouldn't be lazy either.

Here at QuestionPro and Survey Analytics we're starting to think about the Market Research Trends that scare us and excite us.  The really fun part about this conversation is that part of our audience is scared and the other part of our audience is excited -- and all about the same trends!

One huge trend that fits that bill is the whole DIY Marketing movement.  Of course, having the DIYMarketers brand, I'm a little partial and excited about DIYMarketing as it pertains to market research - but you might not be.

So tell me - which DIYMarketing trends scare you and which ones excite you?!

Pass it on!  Leave your comments here and we'll take a look, maybe get back to you for more info and possibly feature them in a future webinar we're planning. (So you could be a star!)