The Next Generation of Website Usability Testing

Not long ago having people "test" your web site meant going to a facility and literally watching people navigate your site.  A few years ago, I was recruited to be a tester for a retail site.

The process was very cool.  I received an email with instructions that told me that I was looking for a "red shirt as a Christmas present for my Uncle Bob" with very little other instruction, I was left to find my way through the site.  Every so many clicks a survey window would pop up and ask me about my experience -- did I find what I was looking for?  Was it clear?  What would work better?  Those kinds of things.

Overall, it was a fascinating experience and it left me wondering if this was going to be the next evolution of usability web testing.  It certainly beat the expensive alternatives of recruiting people, having them sit in a room and record and watch their navigation and asking them questions.

You'd think that these apps would pop up all over the place and that more companies would be using them.  And maybe they were -- but I had never seen another survey opportunity like that.

TryMyUI Makes Usability Testing Easy and Accessible

Today there is a new application called TryMyUi.  You can read a product intro and review over at Research Access - if you've been considering doing usability testing - you should check this out today because it's FREE to try for now.