Can a Blog Help You Groom Your Audience for Brand Research?

A blog is such a wonderful marketing tool.  I can't help but see your company's blog space as a "computer billboard."  In so many way's it's like FREE advertising and education space where you can groom your audience to see you as you want to be seen.

Too often, companies treat their blog as a chore.  That's too bad because it's an opportunity to really build your brand and establish your company as THE one to choose when your customers are looking for what you are selling.

Not only that, but you can actually bring your audience into the conversation, ask questions and actually read their responses.  It's not exactly a focus group, but it really does give you more control over your message and interacting with your audience than you can hope to have through direct marketing or advertising.

Because you have blog registrants and subscribers, you can post articles about products or services and then direct your audience to a survey afterwards.

In what creative ways have you used your blog?