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Survey Analytics and Ziff Davis Enterprise Partner in the Feedback Management Space

Provides Leading B2B Technology Media Company with New Tools to Enhance Audience and Marketing Solutions

Seattle, WA –June 29th, 2010 – Survey Analytics today announced that it has partnered with Ziff Davis Enterprise, a leader in innovative enterprise IT media, engagement solutions and services, to provide survey and crowdsourcing solutions to better serve Ziff Davis Enterprise’s network of registered users and marketing clients.

Survey Analytics’ flagship product, QuestionPro, will provide a scalable solution for the thousands of online surveys and feedback forums that Ziff Davis Enterprise utilizes to gather valuable insights from the millions of users and vendors who rely on them for world-class enterprise IT content and marketing solutions and services. Survey Analytics offers a complete set of intuitive online tools for conducting market research, including standard survey templates, a platform for hosting data collection, automatic notifications and an advanced suite of analysis tools for analyzing customer satisfaction.
“The addition of Survey Analytics powerful community feedback solution to Ziff Davis Enterprise’s sterling suite of media options means further insight into the sought-after tech audience,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, President & CEO of Survey Analytics.

“Our audience is comprised of some of the most influential and discerning technology professionals and leaders in the industry. Their insights are at a premium right now,” said Steve Weitzner, CEO, Ziff Davis Enterprise “The Survey Analytics solution will help us not only listen to our customers, but help us continue to offer them superior service and relevant content.”

About Survey Analytics
Survey Analytics offers an enterprise grade research platform for collecting feedback to enable businesses, governments and consumers to participate and learn from each other. Through it’s core businesses of Surveys, Crowdsourcing, Panel Management and Polls – Survey Analytics listening systems enabled businesses and governments to touch their customers and constituents through all major channels – including Web, Email, Social Media and mobile. The self-service and cloud enabled platform empowers companies to execute and deliver on research at real-time and global scale.

The Survey Analytics Platform is used by companies like Motorola, McGraw Hill, CareerBuilder and Agencies of the US Federal government including the FCC, USPS and the GSA.

About Ziff Davis Enterprise
Ziff Davis Enterprise, Inc. is B2B technology’s trusted information resource. Millions of technology buyers rely on our brands – including eWEEK, Baseline, CIO Insight, Channel Insider,, TechDirect, and the Developer Shed network – for relevant, objective content to identify the right solutions for their organizations. Over 300 technology companies, from industry giants to emerging start-ups, rely on our contextual content, marketing, and audience development expertise to compress sales cycles and lower their go-to-market costs. Ziff Davis Enterprise has proven marketing solutions for branding, engagement, and face-to-face events. Products include print and online advertising, eNewsletter sponsorships, content syndication, eSeminars, virtual tradeshows, events, and custom media services. Ziff Davis Enterprise has a global database of 5.5 million users representing an unparalleled community of business and technology professionals, developers, and the channel.
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  1. [...] WA –June 29th, 2010 – Survey Analytics today announced that it has partnered with Ziff Davis Enterprise, a leader in innovative enterprise [...]


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