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You’ve Had the Ask. Now Here’s the Listen!

A Google search on your company or brand is elementary in this digital era and finding a mention on a blog or a re-tweet on Twitter is still pretty simple. Point is: finding and counting brand mentions are easy – the next step is something researchers have not quite harnessed yet, until now.

Social Voice, recently devised by the social media market research experts at Peanut Labs and Conversation Strategies, represents the next generation of market research. A product designed for researchers by researchers, Social Voice allows researchers to scientifically measure opinions registered in social media.

While there are many programs available to monitor customer sentiment, Social Voice provides the necessary variables to transform unstructured social media conversations into data that mirrors traditional survey research data. Grounded on scientific fundamentals, Social Voice empowers researchers to:

  • Now easily access social media data…

    • Gather millions of records from thousands of website sources.

    • Take advantage of Social Voice data quality processes that identify only quality data.

    • Obtain continuous sentiment scoring for every record.

    • Utilize over 1200 predefined constructs as well as custom constructs tailored to meet each client’s needs.

    • Apply unique processes…

      • Choose the quantity and diversity of data that meets specific needs.

      • Use the same statistical programs applied to survey data.

      • Apply similar modeling to all data sources.

      • Produce data tables that match desired outputs.

      • Standardize box scores to exact specifications.

A call to all researchers out there, Social Voice speaks the same language as traditional market research. What is the difference, you ask? It uses social media conversations as its source of information – going beyond social media monitoring, researchers can now conduct fundamentally sound “social media market research” by both asking and listening.

About the Author: Sean Case leads the market research division of Peanut Labs, Inc. This includes managing the company’s client services, sales and marketing team. He has over 15 years of experience in sales, management and operational development both inside and outside the market research industry and brings over six years of experience within online market research.


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