Survey Analytics iPad App Approved.

We Wanted to give you a quick update on the iPad app. Apple has (finally) approved the app after forcing some modifications.

Download this app:

1. You'll need an account on the Survey Analytics platform to try this out.

2. Please email aditya [dot] bhat [at] surveyanalytics [dot] com - he can create an eval license for you.

3. You must use the "short url" for the survey ( - here abc becomes the survey key on the iPad App.

4. There are 2 other settings that need to updated on the survey:
a) Setup Interactive Mode on the survey :
b) For iPhones the survey width has to be set to 320px - for iPad - the default width is fine.

There are a couple of other CSS/UI tweaks that can be done - to make the fonts larger etc.

5. Finally, if you plan on repeating the survey (after the survey is finished) then you'll need to setup the "Thank You" link to go back to the survey URL.

A detailed help video is available here:

If you are going to use this for a Free Pilot project we ask that you agree to the following:

a) Case Study that we can publish in the next 30-60 days.
b) A quote from you on how the pilot went.

Thanks - and pls feel free to reach out to Adi if you have further questions.