Northwest MRA - Spring Training Event

Late notice - but if you are in Market Research (and you are in the Northwest/California) - you might want to join the Northwest MRA in their Spring Educational Event at Napa Valley.
Cost : $125

Chris Robson from Parametric Marketing will be speaking in the event - he has a penchant for provocative thinking - and I suspect will be something along the lines of what Kathryn Korostoff talked about in her piece in the MRA Blog - Why DIY Research is Good for Everyone. I had the good fortune of meeting Chris Robson and Scott Liang from Parametric Marketing and I know they have some very provocative things to say about the Market Research business.

Side note : Why do professional market researchers call it "DIY Research" - I'd rather prefer "Self-Service Research"

Vivek Bhaskaran
President and CEO - Survey Analytics
As head of privately held Survey Analytics, Vivek is responsible for all aspects of strategy and direction.