Marketing’s Boll Weevil?

Romi Mahajan · President - KKM Group
KKM Group is an Advisory company focused solely on Strategy and Marketing in the Technology, Media, Agency, and Luxury Goods sectors.

Those interested in US history will remember the devastating impact the Boll Weevil had on the cotton-based Southern-Economy in the early 20th century. In the thirty years from the Weevil’s appearance in the US to the height of its spread, 600,000 square miles of territory were infested, wreaking havoc on the monoculture in the Agrarian South and prompting one of the largest shifts of population in the history of this country.

The city of Enterprise, Alabama, however, erected a Monument to this pest in 1919 since it, in their perception, heralded an era of Economic Prosperity. The Boll Weevil infestation is thought to be the precipitating force behind the South’s creation of a more complex, diverse economy.

Shocks to the system, while painful to endure, can engender positive change.

So what is Marketing’s Boll Weevil? The Internet? Measurement? Recession?

What are your thoughts?