Secure and Control Access to Your Survey Data

Any time companies are dealing with their customer base and gathering survey data, securing the information and restricting access to information is a top priority.  It's important to evaluate both external and internal security measures to maintain trust with your employee and customer base.

Survey Analytics have recently added Row Level Security and Dashboard Accounts. One of the advantages Dashboard Accounts provide is secure and controlled access to your survey data. We've now extended the security level and access down to the individual row level. What this means is that, you can share part of your survey data with one group and part of your survey data with another group. Why? - Lets take this use-case -

  • A global Employee Exit Interview goes out to all employees.

  • As users take the survey they self-identify their "Department" or using Custom Variables their Dept. is identified.

  • Each Dept. head would like to to have a "Real Time" view of the data.

Since, the survey is a single survey, the data has to be partitioned at the "Department" level. To solve this problem, we've introduced the concept of "Row Level Security" - Its nothing but a "Data-Segment" that is attached to a Dashboard User. So, the idea is to attach a user to a data-segment and then the system always presents that user with the "view" i.e segment of the data.

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