Survey Analytics: Conjoint Analysis tool

At Survey Analytics, our continual goal is to make complex analysis tools easy to learn and as user-friendly as possible while upholding standard quantitative expectations seen in market research.

How nice would it be to have access to a conjoint analysis tool that requires minimum effort to put together?

Survey Analytics has got you covered and it's the very thing that sets us apart from the other Conjoint Analysis modules seen in the industry today.

The user-interface for conjoint analysis has been revamped.

To access the Conjoint Module :

Add Questions -> Add On Modules -> Discrete Choice

Notable changes:

  • Ability to add Images as brand attributes - (logos)

  • Easier UI to add Attributes and Levels

  • Reporting on Conjoint has also been revamped

Survey Software Help Image

Example Conjoint Survey :

What's Next in our Conjoint Roadmap?

Our next big challenge is to include the concept of "Cost" into the Attributes - So the system can can quickly and easily do brand equity measurement as well as price sensitivity testing automatically. The days of number crunching and rifling through a bunch of excel spreadsheets is nearly here.  We can't hardly wait!