Survey Analytics - October Update

Multi-Lingual Surveys - Overhaul
Our current paradigm for sending and executing surveys in multiple languages dorky - We asked users to:
Create Multiple Surveys
Have a "Master Survey" - With Survey Chaining - Ask the user the Language
Then redirect to one of the surveys (created in that language)
While this has worked - we've consistently faced a lot of questions regarding reporting. If users were doing a survey in multiple languages, we had to provide options to "consolidate" the data across multiple surveys. Again, this "works" but is technically not the most efficient solution. So we decided to take a hard look and redo this.

We've revamped the system to create a SINGLE survey, with multiple "language versions" of the text. The upside is that you are not juggling with 5 or 7 surveys (one for each language) -- when a user comes to take a survey, they'll be presented with a screen asking them to choose the language and we are done.

Here is some detailed help on how this can be done:



In the Pipeline
I also want to share some of the upcoming functional enhancements we are thinking about.
Interactive Surveys - We are still researching and doing an A/B testing on how interactivity affects response rates. While we don't have a firm release date yet, we will be at least launching what we have so far in Beta in November.

Net Promoter Score + Facebook - Another update/enhancement that we're currently evaluating and thinking about is the ability (for survey respondents) to recommend your product/service, as they are taking the survey - through the Net Promoter model. So, the idea here is to allow users to _actually_ recommend your product/service if they say that they will recommend it.

Alternative Customer Sat Model - Secure Customer Index - The SCI (Secure Customer Index) is another way to measure Customer Sat / Loyalty - that is a little more nuanced than the Net Promoter. A few clients have asked for this - and we are thinking about adding that to our tool-chest also.

Survey Collaboration and Review - Often times we need to collaborate (or have someone do a quick review) of a survey. We are working on a model for giving feedback on a survey inline - with visual elements like post-it notes. There are two things we want to do - one is to even allow (authorized) users to make small edits (like typos, etc.) to the survey directly while they are reviewing it. The other is to give contextual feedback on the survey easily.