Featured Market Research Webinars

How to Design a Gamified Survey

If you are one of the many that are curious to learn more about how you can incorporate gamification into your research efforts, look no further! This webinar presents how gamification enhances the user experience and produces better results when combined with research efforts.

People drive businesses, build brands, are part of processes and show loyalty. This webinar will present how you can easily create business dashboards that you will love to use and that your boss will love to see.

How to Use Conjoint and MaxDiff to Put Your Best Product Forward

How do people develop preferences for products and services? In this webinar you will learn how using Conjoint Analysis/MaxDiff Scaling make products and services better moving forward. Posing these simple questions can validate your market share without "over-investing" in an idea.

Featured Engagement and Loyalty Webinars

Employee engagement is a big topic and a big problem on the radar. This webinar presents how you can do a better job at keeping a frequent pulse on your employees. Think how powerful it would be if you were notified of issues before they become major losses - no matter how large your organization is.

How to Plan and Build a Research Community

People are exposed to more information than ever before drawing higher caution of what they are willing to give. Many businesses are not far behind building awesome rewards and loyalty programs for their customers. See how properly planning and building your own community can take your brand to the next level.

Featured Mobile Webinars

How to Collect Passive Data from Smartphone Users

Learn the many benefits and use cases of passive data collection. Did you know you can measure what apps your consumers have installed, what apps are running, data usage, battery life, wifi connections, general location, operating systems and more?

How to Collect Feedback via Your Mobile Application

Truth is - many apps fail. If you have an existing mobile application or are planning to develop an app in the future, be sure to check out this webinar to help align your mobile marketing and app development strategy to do app user research, differentiate your application and rise above the competition.

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