Friday, February 14, 2014

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a big subject and a big problem. Each year, 39,700,000 google searches are conducted on the keywords "employee engagement."

This week after our webinar on "How to Take Your Employee Temperature," we decided to find some great statistics on the subject to help shine light on our argument that a new approach needs to be taken. Check out the five featured infographics on employee engagement from this week below.

1. 10 Shocking Statistics About Employee Engagement: by OfficeVibe
  • 75% of people voluntarily leaving jobs don't quit their jobs; they quit their bosses.
  • 90% of leaders think an engagement strategy positively impacts business success, but only 25% have a strategy.
  • Only 40% of the workforce knew about their company's goals, strategies and tactics.
  • Companies with engages employees earn 2.5x more revenue vs their competitors with low engagement levels.

10 Shocking Stats About Employee EngagementInfographic crafted with love by Officevibe, the corporate team building and employee engagement platform.

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2. The Dollars & Sense of Employee Engagement: by Halogen Software

  • What's the difference between a happy employee and an engaged one? While they are closely related, it is important to distinguish between employee satisfaction and employee engagement. 
  • Employee satisfaction is when the person is happy with the company, the job and co-workers.
  • Employee engagement is when the employee actively contributes to the betterment of the company.
  • 4/5 employees do not reach their full potential.
  • 4/10 employees are disengaged.

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The Dollars & Sense of Employee Engagement

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3. 7 Out of 10 People are Disengaged at Work: by Tibbr
  • The typical disengaged worker checks their cell phone every 10 minutes, checks Facebook every 60 minutes, and complains about the company.
  • The typical engaged worker feels like they can talk to any manager, feels a sense of community at work, and feels like they can make a difference at work.
  • This is a problem because 68% of workers experience difficulty communicating between team members.
  • Using a social network at work can help alleviate the problem and boost productivity.

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7 Out of 10 People are Disengaged at Work

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4. Operation Employee Engagement: by Gallup, Inc.
  • According to Gallup, there are 3 levels of engagement among employees.
  • Engaged employees have a strong commitment to the company and want to move the organization in the right direction.
  • Disengaged employees lack passion and neglect to put energy into their work.
  • Actively disengaged employees are totally detached from the workplace goals and and publicly vocalize their dissatisfaction in the office.
  • The sad truth is that most American workers are disengaged, 52% of them.
  • So what can we do about this? Make sure your employees know what is expected of them, give them tools to be successful, and provide frequent recognition for a job well done.

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Operation Employee Engagement

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