Monday, January 27, 2014

The American Beer Buyer Revealed

As Super Bowl XLVIII is approaching us, Americans all over the country are stocking up on beer this week to celebrate the end to an exciting NFL Season. This month, Survey Analytics conducted a survey across multiple platforms (computers, smartphones, tablets) to general beer consumers in the United States. The survey received response from 42 states and we were able to get a general pulse for consumers' consumption, spending, favorite brands and style preferences when it comes to beer. To get responses, we used the Survey Analytics general population panel and our panel management/community management tools. We recruited additional respondents from boosting Facebook posts and promoted Tweets. After the survey, we did a $100 drawing for an gift card and Jason Rocha from Texas was chosen as the lucky winner. The infographic below shares some results from the survey conducted in January 2014.

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Beer Survey

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Some great stats revealed from the beer survey are: