Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3 Tips to Cut Through the Data and Learn About Your Audience in "Real Time"

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Information Overload: How Do We Know What's Really Important Anymore?

It's no secret that the world is quickly approaching a state of information overload. How to handle this big data and get input straight to the point is a challenge that many business leaders are having to face. Many of these leaders are quickly changing traditional methods on the way they collect feedback from customers, website visitors and are constantly seeking new sources to utilize to drive more people in. Reports and metrics from the past are becoming irrelevant as the 1.8 "Zetabytes" of data created worldwide in 2012 is projected to double in the next two years according to research from expert analysts at IDC. Emphasis is now leading to new techniques and important things your business should be doing to make sure you avoid information overload as you learn to see the data that matters.

Tip #1 Make it Easy to See What's Happening Right Now

Have a Unified Dashboard that Incorporates Real Time Data

Be confident and know what matters by seeing data in real time relevant to what you are currently working on. Having your data consolidated in one platform guides you to attracting new customers, turning more opportunities into revenue, ongoing innovation and retaining happy employees. There are easy to use unified tools available today to manage your data and even incorporate API Access or CRM Integration so you can see how people are responding and get to know your customers better.

Enterprise Feedback Management with Access to Real Time Data

Tip #2 Get Feedback Quickly When You Need It

Conducting Short and To the Point Micro Surveys

Micro Surveys are quickly evolving to gain little bits of data from a specific target. For those who are constantly moving quickly, micro surveys are very manageable and will not take up much time in your schedule. They take much less time to setup, and micro surveys are likely to get much higher respondent numbers. Unlike traditional surveys that are often sent well after the fact and difficult to get a high response rate, micro surveys are in the moment and respondents are likely to respond especially if they are only one or two quick questions. Using open ended text questions can help you learn a lot from your website visitors or users of your software or service. There are multiple ways to deliver micro surveys and we would like to highlight how powerful a plain old traditional e-mail can be. Users are more likely to respond when they do not have to click on a link. Other ways to capture information using micro surveys include incorporating a Feedback tab onto the side of your website, or by having a "drop-in" survey on your website after a certain amount of time that targets new visitors only.

Website Intercept Micro Surveys are Simple!

Tip #3 Making it Easy to See, Understand and Share Data With Others

Having Visually Friendly Data and Analytics On the Go 

Instead of "More Data," managers should evaluate "What Data" is helping the business. More data or different data may not be the answer, but just a change in the approach of how you view data can help you leverage insights. There are mobile data tools that allow you to easily group and segment your data and share your results in just one tap on a screen. Using a tablet or smartphone to view your data in a visual friendly format that you can relate to may open your eyes to what you've been missing the whole time. You can have your own company branded data visualization app to easily share or export specific data with your colleagues or with your following on social media channels.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Survey Analytics Education Hour: The Value of Panel for More Accurate Customer Insights

The Second Edition of Survey Analytics Education Hour will be on May 29th, 2013 at 1PM EST/10AM PST

Don't worry if you're not able to make it at the time of the live session. Sign up anyway and we'll send you the webinar video and slides when they become available. The replay and slides will also be available right here on this blog post following the presentation.

In case you missed out last month, Survey Analytics is now offering a monthly "Education Hour" to all of our valued clients. As an ongoing part of making sure you get the most out of your Survey Analytics account, we have been conducting surveys to our customers to ask what you would like to learn more about. We received valuable data and have been putting together a monthly education agenda driven by your feedback. Regardless if you are mainly using just the online tool, SurveyPocket, the panel, or SurveySwipe, we hope you will find this new program to be beneficial for your research needs.

Hot Button Topics for May 2013: How JCPenney "Could Have" Used Panel To Keep Customers and Employees Happy

Survey Analytics Education Hour for May 2013 will be presented by Esther LaVielle, VP of Client Services at Survey Analytics, and she will explain how panel could have saved JCPenney $4.3 billion dollars in losses and kept their most loyal customers and employees happy.

Based upon your recent feedback, we will discuss the value of a research panel and demonstrate best practices for setting up and managing your panel. From customer satisfaction to the voice of the customer, you can get more accurate and relevant data in real time by using a research panel and easily managing it right inside your Survey Analytics account.

About Survey Analytics Panel Management Software

Even if you are not a current Survey Analytics client, this presentation will hit some points you may be interested in when it comes to research best practices and how to setup your own research panel. Education Hour is a great opportunity for you to jump in and learn about dynamic and powerful research tools and how they are being used by others. With panel, you can recruit and maintain your own self service panel without having to hire a 3rd party research business. With features such as a panel recruitment portal, portal customization to your brand, API integration, Google Analytics Integration, Broadcast Emails an Image Library and more - come see how panel can be your one stop shop for treating your customers like they deserve to be treated!

A Great Panel Example on the Survey Analytics Platform

Voter Feedback - As a member, you gain instant access to a platform to voice your opinion, be heard and communicate with voters like yourself on everyday issues that affect the general population. Your participation in these discussions will provide valuable insight to State and local politicians and help shape current and future legislations that may impact your community.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company: Collecting Data Where it Matters

We are taking a moment today to highlight a customer and how they are using SurveyPocket to collect data and taking action from these new insights driving the business forward. Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a leader in amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment manages more than 12 of the most visited Amusement parks in the United States. Some of their parks throughout the United States include Cedar Point which is labeled as The Best Amusement Park in the World, Kings Island and California's Great America. Growing year over year and setting ongoing record attendance numbers makes Cedar Fair an inspiration and leader in the Entertainment business. This year if you and your family are visiting the parks someone may come up and ask your opinion with an iPad in hand. Over the last year Cedar Fair has replaced its old paper driven survey and data collection processes with SurveyPocket running on iPads at all of its parks.

Mike Lott from Cedar Fair had this to say:

"SurveyPocket has really simplified the process. The iPads work great, and the interviewers seem to like them. I'd been looking to do something like this for a while. We had a whole new executive team come on board and it was an opportunity to do everything the way we had always wanted to do it."

They are applying the SurveyPocket application by having interviewers in the park approach guests with an iPad to collect a few questions about the visitors demographics and a secure an agreement from the respondent to participate in giving feedback to the park. Shortly following their visit to the park, the guests get a personalized survey sent out to answer questions about their visit. Hundreds and thousands of these surveys are conducted each year giving Cedar Fair a whole new spectrum of data and insights they did not get before. 

Some of the interviewers who did paper surveys with us last year said a lot of the guests don’t seem as intimidated when they see someone with an iPad coming toward them than they do when they see someone with a clipboard coming toward them," said Lott. 

Cedar Fair's implementation of this technology is full of positive gains. Now the monthly insight reports at each park are not produced by hand and viewed in hand - they are easily accessed on a streamlined visual reporting dashboard accessible from computers, smartphones and tablets. Groups of staff at each park can access and share their data easier than ever before, making sure everyone is on the same page and they have hit their data collection mark on each target demographic. The data collected by field interviewers can be further analyzed and responses can be categorized in a few simple clicks to view responses by gender, age group and more. This is a reminder of how important it is to listen to your customers, find the voice of the customer, and to leverage your insights to help plan future development.  

Lott Also Added: 

“We used to have to hand-do monthly reports for all of the parks. That’s all gone away now. This year we set up dashboard accounts so a select group at each park has access so they can log on and see the reporting for their park. Everyone can access their own data; they can run their own cross-tabs. It works really well for us. The feedback from the park marketing directors has been really positive.”

View More Case Studies and Customer Success Here

Closing Notes

Collecting data from your consumers is more important than ever before. There are still many businesses out there relying on traditional methods for collecting data and are slow to adapt the new technologies available today. There are others that do not collect any data or report trends at all. Others are still spending lots of valuable time conducting traditional paper and pencil surveys and scanning all of this data in one by one and taking a lot of time to analyze and write reports. Making this change can not only streamline the way you get valuable insights and report them, but it will give your staff the ability refocus their time to growing the business, and more importantly growing the business together with your customers. Cedar Fair makes a great case of how you can improve the way you listen and learn from your customers and visitors. If you want to see how easy it is to implement this technology, Survey Analytics would love to set up a demonstration specific to your needs, a complimentary free trial and assist you with full support on deploying your first research project.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ethnography and Technology: How To Use Tablets for Digital Ethnography

Traditional Ethnography and Emerging Technology

Free Webinar: How To Use Tablets for Digital Ethnography
Technology is rapidly growing in modern society across the world, even in communities with socioeconomic boundaries. With technology becoming more prevalent in society, there are many tools and devices that are realistic and will even save money for special research projects. Ethnography in short is the observation of social stories. Traditional ethnography is a qualitative research method of data collection through observation that measures the customs of people, cultures and behaviors. Businesses all over the world have been discovering ethnography over the past decade in hopes of learning and predicting the social, cultural, and political behaviors within communities.

How Can We Bridge Online and Offline Interactions?

With the inexpensive technology available today, we can rethink the basic principles of conducting ethnographic research. By implementing a newer research methodology, digital ethnography, we can gain deeper insights into everyday lives. Using a device such as a tablet; we can gauge new and more accurate insights into people’s everyday lives and needs. 

Free Online Webinar: "How to Use Tablets for Digital Ethnography"

Join Survey Analytics for this webinar Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 10am San Francisco time / 1pm New York time / 6pm London time (and Friday, May 3rd at 3:00am Sydney time).

  • What is digital ethnography and why is it important? 
  • The evolution of digital ethnography
  • How to implement and analyze everyday life using a tablet
  • How to leverage the data collected 
  • Examples and best practices of this methodology

Don't worry if you're not able to make it at the time of the live webinar. Sign up anyway and we'll send you the webinar video and slides when they become available. The video and slides will also be available on the original signup page and this blog at the conclusion of the webinar.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

(Webinar Replay) How to Use Geofencing in Mobile Surveys

Thursday afternoon, over 100 marketers and researchers joined us live for How to Use Geofencing in Mobile Surveys. Survey Analytics CEO Andrew Jeavons delivered a well received presentation about how the technology behind geofencing is evolving and how today you can trigger a mobile survey to a device within a specific radius. Along with the technology, topics in this webinar include privacy consent issues and how social sharing is changing in modern society. Andrew also gave examples of geofencing and mobile survey best practices, and how some of Survey Analytics' clients are using geofencing today. There were great questions asked and to name a few how to get people to opt in to a mobile panel, privacy issues, the direction this technology is moving and more.

In case you missed out, you still have a chance to access the video and slides from the presentation here.

A Brief Overview of Survey Analytics and Geolocation/Geofencing Mobile Surveys

Using Survey Analytics cloud based survey software, you can easily program a mobile friendly survey for the SurveySwipe mobile application. While creating your geofence/geolocation survey, you can upload locations via physical address or by latitude/longitude coordinates for thousands of locations at once from an Excel spreadsheet. After programming your mobile friendly survey, it is easy to gather contacts to setup a mobile panel that will opt in to take surveys based upon location. Our friends at qSample would be more than happy to help you find mobile respondents that are willing to opt in and give consent for your next research project.

Watch the Webinar Now to Learn Even More About The Best Practices of Geofencing and Mobile Surveys

Access the Webinar Now
Click the Play Button to Access the Webinar!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

(REPLAY) Education Hour: 12 Ways to Improve Survey Programming Efficiency

Yesterday's launch of the Survey Analytics Education Hour was a success. Presented by Survey Analytics VP of Client Services, Esther LaVielle, Education Hour is a monthly training session for clients covering topics selected by customer feedback. The first session was titled "12 Ways to Improve Survey Programming Efficiency," and in this presentation Esther guided us through the process of helping Pawnee, Indiana’s Parks & Recreation Department survey its citizens for a new park they want to build at Lot 48.

Some tips featured in this session include:

  • Setting a time zone stamp so that you reach your audience at the best time they are likely to respond
  • Using the Ad Hoc Query Tool in Survey Analytics Reporting Features to search the survey database
  • How to select frequently used questions from the Question Library allowing you to save lots of overhead time in creating your survey
  • Using Global Options to make validation, question code updates, and much more applicable to the entire survey
  • And many more programming tips that save our clients 20-30% of time when programming a survey

Watch the Replay and Access the Slides from this Presentation Below:

12 Ways To Increase Survey Programming Efficiency from Survey Analytics

If you are not a current client of Survey Analytics and would like to save time in conducting online surveys, market research or see our powerful Enterprise Research Platform in action - you can try it for free. Thanks for your participation and we will see you at the next Education Hour!