Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't Mess with Survey Analytics' Esther LaVielle and John Johnson

As the saying goes, "Don't Mess with Texas."

Survey Analytics' own John Johnson and Esther LaVielle will be traveling to Texas to speak at the Southwest Marketing Research Association's education event in Austin on August 2 and 3.

Esther and John will be delivering an interactive presentation called "Myth Busters: Separating Fact from Fiction in Mobile Research." Their presentation will educate members about mobile research and is part of a program that counts toward credit toward the Marketing Research Association's Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) program.

The presentation will include a fun interactive mobile survey which the program participants will take as part of the presentation. Quick results of the survey will be shared as part of the program.

Esther and John will analyze a number of myths about mobile research. Some of the myths have a basis in truth, while others are completely unfounded.

Here are some of the myths John and Esther will be analyzing:

  • Mobile research is not representative of the general population

  • Mobile research is only good if you have an online panel

  • You can't make good business decisions because mobile surveys are too short

  • Respondents won't want to participat in Passive Data Collection via Mobile Phone

  • Respondents won't want to download a mobile research app

  • QR codes are trendy but no one is using them for research

  • Selling mobile research to existing clients is difficult

We hope you can join John and Esther in Austin; if not, please reach out to them and they'd be happy to discuss mobile myths with you (1-800-326-5570, john.johnson@surveyanalytics.com, esther.rmah@surveyanalytics.com).

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Save Time Editing Your Survey with Search and Replace

Did you finish programming your survey and then decide to change one of the question labels? Oh no, that means you'll have to go in and edit the survey by hand. Right?

Wrong! Survey Analytics has an easy-to-use search and replace function.

All you need to do is to click "Global Options" to see an outline of your questionnaire. Then click "Search and Replace" and you can easily change a snippet of text wherever it occurs in your survey. It's very similar to the search and replace function in most word processing programs.

Here's a brief YouTube video tutorial explaining the process.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcLaijfYiDw]

Also here's a Survey Analytics help file explaining this useful function.



Monday, July 23, 2012

Add a YouTube Video to Any Question in Survey Analytics

Sometimes you want to go beyond a normal, dry survey question in your questionnaire. Including a video in your questionnaire is a great way to get your respondents engaged and to elicit rich feedback.

With Survey Analytics it couldn't be easier to add a YouTube video to your survey question. And the really cool thing is you can add a YouTube video to any type of question that Survey Analytics offers!

All you have to do to add a YouTube video is select "Display Settings" (see above) when editing your questionnaire. There is a place to insert a YouTube video ID. All you have to do to get the YouTube video ID is look at the URL of the YouTube video, copy it, and paste it into the YouTube video ID box in the Display Settings screen.

That's it! Then the YouTube video "automagically" appears as part of your question!

Here is a brief YouTube video tutorial I made up showing you how this process works:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAR-NrXLP8M]

I hope you enjoy rocking your surveys out with lots of YouTube videos!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Webinar: Introducing LifeMetrix - Passive Mobile Data for ConsumerInsight

Survey Analytics is proud to announce the launch of LifeMetrix, a new product for passive mobile data collection.

LifeMetrix gives you unprecedented vision into consumers’ daily lives by collecting moment-to-moment data from their mobile devices. Consumers have a difficult time self-reporting behavior. LifeMetrix is an opt-in solution to collect ongoing mobile data that helps you make business decisions.

• Accelerometer
• GPS Latitude & Longitude
• App Census
• App Usage
• Battery
• Compass
• Decibel Level
• Disk Space
• Gyroscope
• IP Address
• Operating System
• Operating System Version
• Retina Display
• Wifi
• 3G

We will hold a webinar on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific. In this webinar we'll give you an overview of how LifeMetrix works. We will explain the variables available, and we will show examples of how LifeMetrix can be used to gain unparalleled vision into the daily lives of consumers.

Click this link to register for the webinar.

You can learn more about LifeMetrix at http://lifemetrix.com.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Using iPads to Survey Amusement Park Visitors

Like many companies, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company had traditionally done surveys the old-fashioned way – with paper, pencil and clipboards.  Mike Iott, Cedar Fair’s Market Research Manager, had to hand-create 12 reports monthly, one for each of Cedar Fair’s regional amusement parks.

This year Mike successfully transitioned Cedar Fair’s in-park survey program from paper to iPad data collection with the help of SurveyPocket.

“I’d been looking to do something like this for a while. We had a whole new executive team come on board and it was an opportunity to do everything the way we had always wanted to do it.”

Cedar Fair’s interviewers do a short survey in the park asking a few demographic questions, collecting the park-goer’s email address, and securing their agreement to take a post-visit survey which is sent to them online after they leave the park.  For each park there are tens of thousands of these surveys done each year.

“The iPads work great, and the interviewers seem to like them,” said Iott.  “SurveyPocket has really simplified the process.”

He added, “Some of the interviewers who did paper surveys with us last year said a lot of the guests don’t seem as intimidated when they see someone with an iPad coming toward them than they do when they see someone with a clipboard coming toward them.”

“We used to have to hand-do monthly reports for all of the parks.  That’s all gone away now. This year we set up dashboard accounts so a select group at each park has access so they can log on and see the reporting for their park. Everyone can access their own data; they can run their own cross-tabs. It works really well for us. The feedback from the park marketing directors has been really positive.”

Friday, July 13, 2012

Use Tag Clouds for Open Ended Questions

Sometimes you can't avoid having open-ended questions where respondents type in unstructured text in response to your question.  In the past, it would take days or even weeks to have the open-ended responses coded and re-run as quantitative questions.

Survey Analytics gives you the power to see the results of your open-ended question in a quick glance with the use of tag clouds, sometimes also called word clouds. Tag clouds are a graphical representation of the frequency of different words in a dataset; the more frequently the word appears, the larger the word appears in the tag cloud.

The example below shows a tag cloud for an open ended question asking respondents to describe their mood.

Survey Analytics also gives you the ability to easily exclude certain words from the tag cloud analysis.

With Survey Analytics' tag cloud feature, you can get a quick glance at your open-ended data to get a sense of respondents' sentiment prior to any additional analysis you may choose to do.

Here is a brief YouTube video tutorial walking you through the process of creating tag clouds in Survey Analytics.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiLfykd2eGs&w=420&h=315]

Also, here is a link to a Survey Analytics help file explaining the process step by step.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Join Us at MRMW Networking Events

The Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Cincinnati next week promises to be one of the top events of the year.

Whether you are attending the conference or not, you can register for either or both of two free after-hours networking events being held in association with the event.

On Tuesday, July 17th from 7pm to 10pm, Survey Analytics is hosting a welcome party at the Bistro at the Courtyard Cincinnati Airport – just a short walk from the METS Center where the conference is being held.

On Wednesday, July 18th from 7pm to 10pm, there will be Kentucky BBQ on the METS Center Marriott grounds, sponsored by HotSpex and put on by the Research Mafia, Research Access and NewMR.

Here is the link to register for either or both events.


See you there!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Create an Exit Survey for Your Website

Chances are you use Google Analytics or some other analytics platform to track your website's performance. But sometimes you need more information than what an analytics package can provide. It can be very helpful to ask website visitors one or two questions as they leave your site.

One of the many ways you can deploy a Survey Analytics questionnaire is as a website exit survey. When people click off your site they get a simple popup survey with which you can collect feedback on your website.

Simply create your survey, click over to the Send Survey tab, click Website Intercept, then scroll down to Exit Survey.

Here is a YouTube video walking you through this simple process.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Sd9Vcfm-eI&w=420&h=315]

Also, here is a link to a Survey Analytics help file showing this process step-by-step.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Have A Waiting List Now

Bert Willard had been using some of the free research tools out there, but not anymore. “You get what you pay for,” Willard said. “The free tools have an extraordinarily limited functionality that just doesn’t work for large organizations.”

A 20-year veteran of market research, Willard is Market Research Analyst for a large wholesale distributor headquartered in Virginia.

After a comprehensive evaluation process, Bert chose Survey Analytics’ Enterprise Research Platform. “I needed a tool to provide a secure online platform that gives me shortcuts in data cleaning and analytics. I didn’t want to keep manipulating data in Excel. I was able to justify the expenditure based on labor hours saved.”

Willard said insights professionals are wondering whether what they do will still be relevant in a few years. The best way, he said, to stay relevant is to use tools like Survey Analytics that connect you with the fast Web 2.0 way of doing things.  Survey Analytics is its own system that allows him to avoid some of the slower processes inherent to a large organizational structure.

He added, “Survey Analytics allows me to operate at twice the speed of other suppliers, whether they are internal or external. I have a waiting list now for people who want to use it.”

Willard likes the advanced functionality of the back end. “It saved me time in my report building.” He says that storing surveys in the online platform makes it easy to access and edit them. And he can now combine existing secondary data in the system with primary data collected in surveys.

Willard says when it comes to Voice of the Customer research, Survey Analytics makes the information collected immediately actionable because certain responses can trigger action alert emails.

He added that “it’s not just for surveys. If you have a large organization with thousands of locations, and you’re holding an event for managers, you can use it to have them sign up and choose which activities they will sign up for, etc. It allows you to quickly, simply and easily collect the information you need.”

Willard says he likes that he can do most things on his own but that help is there when he needs it, both with help files and an account manager. “I’m the guy who doesn’t want to pay extra for lots of help, but John Johnson is always there when I need him.”

Monday, July 2, 2012

Rate YouTube Videos in Your Survey Using TubePulse

Incorporate YouTube videos into your survey using TubePulse, a moment-to-moment video rating feature in Survey Analytics' Enterprise Research Platform.

Rating the famous "Charlie Bit Me" YouTube video using TubePulse

It's really easy to add a YouTube video to your survey using TubePulse.  All you have to do is select TubePulse as a question type, then type in your question, customize your rating scale (if desired), choose which type of rating you want, and add the YouTube ID of the video you want respondents to rate.

Here's where you add the TubePulse question.

Here's a video tutorial showing the process step-by-step.

And here's a link to a help file from Survey Analytics showing screen shots of how to add a TubePulse questions step-by-step.


Enjoy using TubePulse in your Survey Analytics surveys!