Sunday, July 10, 2011

Results of the Presidential Job Index Survey (week ending 7/8/2010)

Quick update on the results for the presidential job index survey for the week ending 7/8/2011. As a reminder this is a weekly survey that we conduct and we publish the results for the survey every Friday. To participate in this week's survey, please download the SurveySwipe application and take the survey.

Remember, you get points that you can redeem for various rewards when you take our surveys. We have already distributed several paid apps like Angry Birds for free.


  • 53% vs 52% last week of the respondents approve of the job that President Obama is doing.

  • Respondents included 30% Democrats (28% last week), 21% Republicans (22% last week), 23% independents (24%) last week and 2% with the Green Party (2% last week).

You can view the reports here or directly on your phone.

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