Monday, June 20, 2011

Mobile Apps Put the Web in Their Rear View Mirror

We all know that the mobile revolution is upon us as we speak. However, today's report from really puts things in perspective as to how far we have come in a short time. According to the report, for the first time ever, consumers are spending more time daily in mobile apps than the both the web and mobile web. This is an absolutely remarkable development when you consider less than three years for native mobile apps to achieve this level of usage. Consistent with market penetration, iOS and Android platforms popularity is the key driver to this level of engagement with native mobile apps.

We already know that instant reach (push notifications), access (always on), GPS and multimedia capabilities can provide for compelling research opportunities. If you had any doubts about the viability of mobile market research in terms of market maturity, this report should remove all your doubts.

SurveySwipe is well positioned to meet your mobile research needs whether you need smartphone respondents,  a branded mobile panel management software for continuous research or a white labeled app so that you can also build brand loyalty and establish your stake in the the mobile real estate.

I want to remind all the market researchers to get on the mobile bus NOW or risk being an object in your competitors' rear view mirror.

Note: The report was compiled by by modeling publicly available data from comScore, and Alexa.


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