Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Angry Birds

One of the keys to getting good quality responses is to incent people to participate in feedback. It has worked in the past, works today and will continue to work in the future. However, there is a big challenge we must overcome - there are a lot of posers. At SurveySwipe, we have aligned our operations to reward people who participate in our research - honestly and without hassles. We are aligning our operations to provide the following:

Constant Supply of Surveys

We are committing ourselves to provide participants with a constant stream of surveys - with more relevance. Recently, we have been testing integration with SimpleGeo service that allows us to provide surveys that are more contextual to participants. For example, we can send out surveys to provide feedback about the local Starbucks coffee shop that you are currently visiting. We can also allow you to provide feedback about the efficiency of the airlines' checkin staff at the airport that you are currently flying from. We will be sending out surveys to get a pulse on current events as well. These efforts mean that our participants have more opportunities to participate in general purpose and contextual research as well as earn points.

Easy Access to Reports of Research

There have been times when I have participated in surveys but I never got to see the results of what I participated in. That is frankly very annoying and detracts me from participating in more surveys. I would love to know which Starbucks coffee shop has the best customer service and the least amount of wait time - especially if I contributed in research with my time. At SurveySwipe, we are testing how we can provide instant access to results of the surveys we are conducting. Soon you will be able to see an aggregate view of wait times across all Starbucks - in most cases realtime.


We launched a new effort to promote a way for research participants to get the hottest game on the planet - Angry Birds - for free. You can download the SuveySwipe application, participate in surveys and after a few short surveys you will earn enough points that you can use to redeem Angry Birds. You tell us when you want to redeem and we will send you an email with instructions on how to get it. We have also partnered with Amazon to provide instantaneous gift certificates. We are looking for other creative ways to reward you and show our appreciation for participating in our research.

All we ask of you is to participate in research that are pertinent to you honestly and with a purpose to make things better for everyone else. We are committed on our side to continue to work harder  to get you even more exciting iPhone/Android/Blackberry/WinMo games, applications and other forms of rewards.

Please share your thoughts on how we can make research fun and useful - as well as creative ways of distributing rewards.